Saint Mary School, in partnership with the Church and the parents, strives to bring the child to a realization of his/her loving relationship to God, to neighbor, and to self, in a community of Faith. It is through the interaction of the faculty, children, and parents in a cooperative atmosphere, distinguished by mutual respect, that the goals of Catholic Education can be attained.
Saint Mary School, as the formal agent of education, is concerned not only with the intellectual growth of the child, but also with the physical, aesthetic, moral, and spiritual aspects of his/her development in the light of Christian principles and values. Learning is a life-long process and our staff aims to inculcate a love for learning which will endure beyond the school years.

Each child at Saint Mary School is seen as an individual with his/her own needs, as well as a member of society. Critical thinking, proper formation of conscience, and growth in the Christ-like self-discipline which leads to responsibility and love of God and others, are needs which Saint Mary School strives to meet through a firm but fair discipline process.

Saint Mary School derives its status as a place where Christians are formed and educated from the guidelines given by the American Bishops in their pastoral message, “TO TEACH AS JESUS DID.” We believe it is the teacher’s role to provide instruction which is contemporary in presentation, while being authentic in doctrine, to meet the needs of the child in this changing world. The school proclaims the message of the Gospel in fostering growth of Christian Community and involving students in serving others.

Saint Mary School offers in its educational program a value system wherein the child can be directed to answers in time of doubt, find security in an age of restlessness, and develop a Christian approach to life in an age of neo-paganism. The school provides ways of learning which best meet the individual’s needs while promoting the common good. The concepts of peace, justice and diversity are incorporated across the curriculum to make students aware of local and global issues.