Our main goal is to set a strong foundation for your child to embark on a life long journey of learning. We strive for your child to be independent and responsible for his/her actions as well as his/her belongings. We teach to the whole child. Personal and social development is just as important, if not more so, than academic development. Spiritual development is the core of what makes up our school.

We are a Pre-Kindergarten not a preschool or play school.

Ratio: 1:10
We currently have 20 students enrolled. We have a paraprofessional with us at all times to meet with ratio.

Reading Readiness Program

Happily Ever After /The Rowland Reading Foundation

Stories, Vocabulary, Print & Book Awareness, Letter Recognition, Listening for
Sounds, Comprehension, Listening and Speaking, Visual Development, Fine
Motor Skills, Emergent Writing

Individual Letter Books

Goal is for students to identify 26 letters
(name and give initial consonant sound as well as short vowel sound)

Poem of the Month

Concept of Print (Left to Right progression)

Mathematical Thinking

We do not have a math series-all is teacher created

  • Recognize, name , and reproduce shapes
  • Recognize, names, count numbers 1-20+
  • Recognizes, duplicated, and extends simple pattern
  • Relates number to quantity
  • Orders, compares, and describes objects according to traits

Science and Social Studies:

  • Scholastic My Big World with Clifford


We do not have a religion series- all is teacher created

  • We learn the Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Morning Prayer,
    and a Meal Time Prayer.
  • We discuss various Saints
  • We discuss Advent and Lent

Pre-K 4 Daily Schedule

(Subject to change)


8:30-8:45  Arrival, Unpack, Free Play
8:30-9:00  Morning Meeting, Prayer, Pledge, Calendar,
Weather, Poem of the Month
9:00-9:30  Reading Readiness, Happily Ever After
9:30-10:00  Bathroom & Snack
10:00-10:15  Religion
10:15-10:45  Handwriting, Math, Science, Social Studies
10:45-11:00  Clean-up, Pack-up, ½ Day Student Dismissal
11:00-11:20  Recess
11:20-11:30  Bathroom & Wash-up
11:30-12:00  Lunch
12:00-1:00  Rest Time
1:06-1:46  Specials: Music, Library, P.E., Art, Spanish
1:46-2:15 Read Aloud/Enrichment Activity
2:15-2:30 Pack-up & Dismissal