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In September of 1958, Saint Mary School opened its doors as a junior high school with an enrollment of 165 students in grades seven and eight. Grade nine was added in 1959, and in June of 1960 the first Saint Mary School graduation took place. In 1969 transformation from a junior high to an elementary school began to take place. By 1980, Saint Mary School was a complete elementary school offering grades kindergarten through eight and boasting an enrollment of over 200 students. The school’s program was further enhanced in 1982 with the establishment of a pre-kindergarten class of 35 three and four-year olds.

Today in addition to grades kindergarten through eight, Saint Mary School offers a TLCare program for before and after school care from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., a two-day three and a and three/five-day four-year old program as well as a five-day kindergarten readiness program including Spanish and Physical Education. Saint Mary School offers school-wide specials including music vocal, music instrumental, physical education, library, art and technology. Spanish is taught in every grade beginning in pre-kindergarten. Honors curriculum programs for middle school grades in Literature and Mathematics. The new science lab was added in the summer of 2008 with an inquiry-based curriculum and an interactive technology program and scheduled labs. Over 100 new computers were added to the school during the 2007-2008 school year bringing every classroom into a school-wide network as well as providing access to the Internet. Teachers now have the capability of posting homework assignments and class announcements on their individual classroom web pages and parents and students are now able to e-mail their teachers enhancing communication efforts.

Saint Mary School keeps pace with the changing times and prepares its students to adapt to life in the twenty-first century while maintaining a solid Christian value system.

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Alumni Memories & Comments

FlagP1960pic2Melanie Tofil Jarvis (Class of 1982) – Great memories from a great school!

Linda Ernst (Class of 1989) – Although I only attended for one year, St. Mary’s was the best school I went to. Mr. Milardo was the Principal and went to High School with our class! I am grateful for all I learned at St. Mary’s! Go Wildcats!

Anne Marie Connolly Bellavance (Class of 1971) – As with all of my two brothers and four sisters who attended, there are a lot of memories. My favorite nun was our Principle Sr. Virginia. She was so “cool” for a nun. Very smart, energetic and athletic. She used to surf! I was a cheerleader for three years for our Basketball games (Boys only then).

Peter Hyde (Class of 1961) – I remember Sister Anthony. She was my eighth grade teacher. I remember the history review sheets she gave us, with the acronyms for all the depression era government programs.

William Ennis (Class of 1975) – Junior High – Lots of Activities; before-school kickball; Washington DC trip; after-school clubs/functions; Miss McGrail, Principle; fun/young teachers.

Eileen Prendergast Mastrio (Class of 1984) – Loved the passion of the teachers and playing basketball!

Janice Havelka Benoit (Class of 1966) – St. Mary was a middle school when I was there. I made friends there that I still have today. One Halloween a bunch of us went on a scavenger hunt and decorated the bushes in front of the convent with what we collected! The religious education was excellent.